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Friends of Big Bone (FOBB), Big Bone Lick State Historic Site (BBL) and Cincinnati Museum Center announce Phase 1 of the revitalization of Big Bone Lick's visitor center through a $70,000 grant from the R.C. Durr Foundation. The foundation is further providing dollar for dollar matching funds up to an additional $70,000 to allow completion of the visitor center make-over.

The project will repurpose the visitor center from visitor information to interpretation and includes an interior redesign allowing Big Bone Lick's historical narrative to be delivered in a vividly engaging way. Improvements will include a new central display, overhaul of casework containing fossils and artifacts, extension of the existing wall mural into a 3-D diorama, and the inclusion of a timeline that will help visitors understand the history and significance of the park. A highlight will be the skeletal reconstruction of a giant ground sloth, an animal first discovered in Ice Age sediments at Big Bone Lick.

Private donations are being sought for these matching funds. Every dollar you donate to the project is like you donated two dollars.

Friends of Big Bone is a non-profit organization committed to conducting research and providing education related to the Big Bone Lick Valley, located in Boone County Kentucky. We encourage and promote research in archaeology, paleontology, geology, and other related sciences.

Friends of Big Bone are the recipients of the following awards presented by the Boone County (Kentucky) Historic Preservation Review Board:

  • 2007 William Conrad Preservation Excellence Award for preservation of the science and history of Big Bone Lick
  • 2006 William Conrad Preservation Excellence Award for efforts of Friends President Patrick Lense
  • 2004 Shirley Mann Memorial Heritage Award for Heritage Education
  • 2004 Preservation Stewardship for Lewis & Clark Historical Marker
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